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 NGC 4725 

Optics Luminance: MEADE ACF 12" @ F6,7 2100mm
Optics Color: GSO RC 10" F8 2000mm - Astrograph Ritchie-Chrétien
Camera: SBIG ST10XME
Camera: ATIK 4000LE with SX USB Filter Wheel
Filters: Baader LRGB 2"
Dates/Times: 5/6/7 May 2011
Location: Piancastagnaio (SI) - Italy
Location: Pian dell'Armŕ (PV) - Italy
Exposure Details NGC4725: L => 720 = > (24x30) All Bin1 [num x minutes]
Exposure Details Frame and Color: L:R:G:B => 210:50:50:50 = > (21x10):(5x10):(5x10):(5x10) All Bin1 [num x minutes]
NOTE Collaboration with STEFANO CONTI :

- Luminance and Processing for NGC 4725 from Stefano
- Luminance and Processing for frame Leonardo
- Color Processing Leonardo

Thanks Stefano for your great Work !!!
LINK Link to processed image with only my data