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 NGC7129 Nebula Complex 

Full   Resolution 1009 x 995

Optics: GSO RC 8" F/8 1624mm. - Astrograph Ritchie-Chrétien
Mount: AP Mach1 GTO on Gemini Q-Lock tripod
Camera: ATIK 4000LE with SX USB Filter Wheel
Filters: Baader LRGB 2"
Guiding Systems: ATIK 16IC on Pentax 75 APO @ F6.7 500mm.
Dates/Times: 7/8 Agosto 2010
Location: Colle Fauniera/Pragelato - Alps - Cuneo/Torino - Italy
Exposure Details: L:R:G:B => 230:75:75:75 = > (46x5):(15x5):(15x5):(15x5) All bin2 [num x minutes]
Cooling Details: -15 °C
Acquisition: Maxim DL/CCD, Perseus
Processing: Maxim DL/CCD, PS with Noel Action
Mean FWHM: 2.94
SQM: 21.6 / 21.2
Disclaimer: This data raw are free only for accademic pourpose...please send to me your results for pubblications in this page. If you want to publish the results in your site please mention the author above the image and send to me a link of page.

Processing by Sergio Eguivar - Link to his page