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 vdB 149 and vdB 150 Nebula Complex 
vdB 150
vdB 149
Cr 471
PGC 67671

vdB 149 and vdB 150 are a reflection nebulae visible in the constellation Cepheus.

It is about fourth on the line connecting the stars Alfirk ( Cephei) and Alrai (? Cephei), in a region rich in dark molecular clouds, in particular, seems to be part of vdB 149 large dark nebula LDN 1235, although the involvement of Radial velocity studies indicate that it would be in his direction only to a perspective effect. The star of the region is responsible for lighting BD +72 1018, a blue-white star of spectral type main sequence B8V, which leads the gas and dust illuminated it markedly bluish in color, slightly overheated and making them emit infrared radiation, also observed dall'IRAS; its parallax, measured 3.20 0.63 mas, which corresponds to a distance of about 312 parsecs (1019 light years) would indicate the contrary, a distance similar to that of vdB 150, visible just to the north and certainly part of the nebula LDN 1235. The seventh magnitude star HD 210615 orange, little visible vdB south of 149, is not part of the region, being more prominent.

The nebula, which includes this and the nearby vdB 150, LDN 1235 is probably a so-called red emission nebula, a cloud that is placed at high galactic latitudes which becomes visible through the interstellar radiation field, with a low surface brightness and therefore looking dark when viewed in the band of visible light. . [Text from Wikipedia]

Awards Overall Winner of "ATIK CCD 2012 Astrophotography Contest"
Optics: Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII F/3.6 383mm. - APO Refractor
Mount: AP Mach1 GTO on Gemini Q-Lock tripod
Camera: ATIK 383L+ with SX USB Filter Wheel
Filters: Baader LRGB 2"
Guiding Systems: SX OAG with SX Lodestar
Dates/Times: 30 August / 20-22 September 2011
Location: Pragelato - Turin - Italy
Exposure Details: L:R:G:B => 220:80:70:80 = > (22x10):(8x10):(7x10):(8x10) All Bin1 [num x minutes]
Cooling Details: -20 C
Acquisition: Maxim DL/CCD, Perseus
Processing: CCDStack, PixInsight, PS CS2
Mean FWHM: 2.48 - 3.03
SQM-L: 21.22 - 21.12