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 IC434 and M78 
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In this image the Alnitak and Alnilam star of Orion's Belt, Alnitak, at the top center of the field, surrounded by the well-known Horsehead and Flame nebulae. But this view sweeps farther to the north (left) and east (bottom) detailing subtler cosmic clouds of gas and dust scattered through the fertile, nebula rich region. The scene is anchored at the bottom left by the eerie blue glow and ominous dark dust lanes of reflection nebula M78. Like the Horsehead, the Flame, and the Orion Nebula itself, M78 is a readily visible part of the large Orion Molecular Cloud complex some 1,500 light-years distant [Text adapted from APOD]

Pubblications "Flickr" Explore - January 11, 2015
Optics: Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII F/3.6 383mm. - APO Refractor
Mount: AP Mach1 GTO
Camera: Canon 5D MkII - Baader Mod
Filters: OSC
Guiding Systems: Tecnosky 60/228 Guide Scope- SX Lodestar
Dates/Times: 20-22-23 December 2014
Location: Pragelato - Turin - Italy
Exposure Details: OSC => 150 = > (30x5) ISO 1600 [num x minutes]
Cooling Details: Ambient -4C
Acquisition: BackyardEOS, TheSkyX
Processing: PixInsight, PS CS5
Mean FWHM: 3.65
SQM-L: 20.98 / 21.11